The client financial life cycle

As your clients grow and age, their financial priorities change. The client financial life cycle provides a framework to help you identify their needs and determine appropriate investment solutions.


Building and protecting wealth

The more your clients accumulate, the more financial independence they can typically look forward to in retirement. Nationwide's low-cost annuities offer tax-advantaged growth potential and protection from market volatility. Plus, they can help clients maximize their tax deferral beyond the limits of traditional retirement accounts.


Preparing for and living in retirement

As clients enter their later years, the amount of income available to them largely determines the quality of life they can expect. Nationwide's annuities give them access to guaranteed income, help them manage longevity risk and enable them to plan for long-term care expenses.


Transferring wealth to future generations

At a certain point in their lives, clients often turn their attention to the needs of those who will follow them. Nationwide's annuities can help solve wealth transfer problems while protecting clients' assets from the burden of taxes and the consequences of volatile markets.

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