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Advisor Authority

Advisor Authority 2017 Chapter 4: Moving the Needle - Targeting Generation X


Generation X investors are a vital target for RIAs and fee-based advisors’ success. These investors are in their prime earning years and poised to inherit upwards of $30 trillion in the Great Wealth Transfer. In this latest Advisor Authority Special Report,  we will help you better understand the unique priorities, preferences, and concerns.


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The Stretch


Advisor Jorge Padilla works closely with clients on their estate plans. Without an effective plan for the transfer of wealth, his clients’ heirs may be subjected to a number of factors that can negatively impact the value of the legacy which they have worked hard to build. To give his clients more control over their legacies, learn how Mr. Padilla leveraged the Stretch Payout Option available at Nationwide advisory solutions.



Maximizing Tax Deferral with Monument Advisor


The key to tax-smart investing is finding a low-cost vehicle with enough underlying funds to replicate your strategies from taxable accounts.



Tax-Smart Retirement Investing with Monument Advisor


Relatively low contribution limits in IRAs and 401(k)s may not be enough for many high-earning clients. Monument Advisor can help.


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Fee-Based Insurance: The Missing Asset Class for a Holistic Financial Plan


Fee-based advice is on the rise. Are you ready to reap the benefits? Download the whitepaper to learn more.