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Since Inception
AB International Value International Equity - Value 1.11
AB Small/Mid Cap Value Mid Cap Value 0.82
ALPS/Alerian Energy Infrastructure MLPs 1.30
ALPS/Red Rocks Listed Private Eqty Global Equity 2.10
Alger Capital Appreciation Large Cap Growth 0.94
American Century Inflation Protection TIPs 0.72
American Century NVIT Multi Cap Value Large Deep Value 1.05
American Funds Asset Allocation Moderate Allocation 0.79
American Funds Blue Chip Inc&Gwth Large Cap Value 0.91
American Funds Bond Bonds - Intermediate 0.88
American Funds Global Growth World Large Growth 1.06
American Funds Growth Large Cap Growth 0.85
American Funds Growth-Income Large Cap Core 0.78
American Funds High-Income High Yield 0.99
American Funds International International Equity - Growth 1.04
American Funds New World EM Equity 1.26
BlackRock Equity Dividend Large Deep Value 0.80
BlackRock High Yield High Yield 0.93
BlackRock NVIT Managed Global Allocation Moderate Allocation 1.19
BlackRock Total Return Bonds - Intermediate 1.06
ClearBridge Var Large Cap Growth Large Cap Growth 0.80
ClearBridge Var Small Cap Growth Small Cap Growth 1.07
Columbia - AQR Managed Futures Strategy Managed Futures 1.42
Columbia High Yield Bond High Yield 0.97
DFA Equity Allocation Large Cap Core 0.40
DFA Global Bond Global Bonds 0.24
DFA Global Moderate Allocation Global Allocation 0.40
DFA International Small International Equity - Small 0.57
DFA International Value International Equity - Value 0.44
DFA Short-Term Fixed Bonds - Short Term 0.27
DFA US Large Value Large Cap Value 0.27
DFA US Targeted Value Small Cap Value 0.37
Delaware VIP Small Cap Value Service Class Small Cap Value 1.05
DoubleLine NVIT Total Return Tactical Fund Bonds - Intermediate 0.60
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Income Bank Loans 1.17
Federated NVIT High Income Bond High Yield 0.91
Fidelity VIP Balanced Moderate Allocation 0.75
Fidelity VIP Contrafund Large Cap Growth 0.87
Fidelity VIP Growth & Income Large Cap Core 0.80
Fidelity VIP Investment Grade Bond Bonds - Intermediate 0.66
Fidelity VIP Strategic Income Multisector Fixed Income 0.93
Goldman Sachs Multi-Strategy Alts Multi-Alternative 1.34
Goldman Sachs Small Cap Equity Insights Small Relative Value 1.06
Guggenheim Floating Rate Strategies Bank Loans 1.18
Guggenheim High Yield High Yield 1.31
Guggenheim Total Return Bond Bonds - Intermediate 0.86
Invesco Global Real Estate Global Real Estate 1.02
Ivy Energy Sector Equity 1.19
Ivy Mid Cap Growth Mid Cap Growth 1.10
Janus Aspen Balanced Moderate Allocation 0.88
Janus Aspen Enterprise Mid-Cap Growth 0.98
Janus Henderson Flexible Bond Bonds - Intermediate 0.85
Janus Henderson Global Technology Sector Equity 0.81
John Hancock Emerging Markets Value Diversified Emerging Mkts 1.32
Lazard Retirement Emerg. Mkts Equity EM Equity 1.38
Lord Abbett Bond Debenture High Yield 0.92
Lord Abbett Total Return BBB-Rated 0.69
MFS Growth Large Cap Growth 1.00
MFS Utilities Series Service Utilities 1.05
MFS Value Large Cap Value 0.98
MainStay MacKay Convertible Convertible Bond 0.97
Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Emerging Markets Bond 1.16
Morgan Stanley Global Infrastructure Global Equity 1.12
NVIT Cardinal Aggressive Aggressive Allocation 1.16
NVIT Cardinal Balanced Conservative Allocation 0.97
NVIT Cardinal Capital Appreciation Moderate Allocation 1.03
NVIT Cardinal Conservative Conservative Allocation 0.87
NVIT Cardinal Managed Gr & Inc Moderate Allocation 1.02
NVIT Cardinal Managed Growth Moderate Allocation 1.02
NVIT Cardinal Moderate Moderate Allocation 1.00
NVIT Cardinal Moderately Aggressive Moderate Growth Allocation 1.08
NVIT Cardinal Moderately Conservative Conservative Allocation 0.94
NVIT DFA Capital Appreciation Global Allocation 0.92
NVIT DFA Moderate Moderate Allocation 0.87
NVIT Government Bond Intermediate Government (4-6) 0.70
NVIT International Equity Foreign Large Core 1.10
NVIT Investor Destinations Aggressive Aggressive Allocation 0.89
NVIT Investor Destinations Balanced Moderate Allocation 0.82
NVIT Investor Destinations Capital Appreciation Moderate Allocation 0.83
NVIT Investor Destinations Conservative Conservative Allocation 0.81
NVIT Investor Destinations Mgd Growth Moderate Allocation 0.80
NVIT Investor Destinations Mgd Growth & Income Moderate Allocation 0.78
NVIT Investor Destinations Moderate Moderate Allocation 0.83
NVIT Investor Destinations Moderate Agressive Moderate Allocation 0.84
NVIT Investor Destinations Moderate Conservative Moderate Allocation 0.81
NVIT Managed American Funds Asset Allocation Moderate Allocation 0.97
NVIT Managed American Funds Growth and Income Large Core 0.99
NVIT Multi Sector Bond Mid High Growth 0.81
NVIT Multi-Manager Mid Cap Growth Small High Growth 1.09
NVIT Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value Mid Core Value 0.79
NVIT Multi-Manager Small Cap Growth Small Core Value 1.31
NVIT Multi-Manager Small Cap Value Small Core 1.05
NVIT Multi-Manager Small Company Multisector Bond 1.15
NVIT Nationwide Fund Large Core 1.04
NVIT Real Estate Domestic Real Estate 1.17
NVIT iShares ETF Fixed Income Fund Global Bonds 0.23
NVIT iShares ETF Global Equity Fund Global Equity 0.25
Nationwide Bond Index Bonds - Intermediate 0.23
Nationwide Government Money Market Money Market 0.34
Nationwide International Index International Equity - Core 0.28
Nationwide Mid Cap Index Mid Cap Core 0.25
Nationwide S&P 500 Index Large Cap Core 0.16
Nationwide Small Cap Index Small Cap Core 0.26
Neuberger Berman NVIT Multi Cap Opportunities Large Relative Value 0.94
Neuberger Berman NVIT Socially Responsible Large Cap Growth 0.91
Oppenheimer Global Global Equity 1.03
Oppenheimer International Growth Foreign Large Growth 1.00
Oppenheimer Main Street Large Cap Core 1.05
PIMCO All Asset World Bond 1.42
PIMCO CommodityRealReturn Strategy Commodities 1.40
PIMCO Dynamic Bond Nontraditional Fixed Income 1.03
PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond EM Bonds 1.00
PIMCO High Yield High Yield 0.76
PIMCO Income Multisector Fixed Income 0.82
PIMCO International Bond (Unhedged) Global Flexible Allocation 1.09
PIMCO International Bond – US Dollar Hedged Global Bonds 0.93
PIMCO Long-Term U.S. Government Bonds - Long Term 0.77
PIMCO Low Duration Bonds - Short Term 0.65
PIMCO Real Return TIPs 1.04
PIMCO Short-Term Bonds - Short Term 0.75
PIMCO Total Return Bonds - Intermediate 0.69
Probabilities Fund Long-Short Equity 2.50
Putnam Diversified Income Multisector Fixed Income 1.03
Putnam Income Bonds - Intermediate 0.83
Redwood Managed Volatility (I Class) Nontraditional Fixed Income 1.49
Rydex Consumer Products Sector Equity 1.70
Rydex Financial Services Sector Equity 1.73
Rydex Telecommunications Sector Equity 1.70
T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Large Cap Growth 1.00
T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Sector Equity 1.19
Templeton Global Bond Global Macro 0.78
The Merger Fund VL Event Driven 1.43
Van Eck Global Hard Assets Natural Resource Equity 1.34
VanEck Emerging Markets Diversified Emerging Mkts 1.55
VanEck Global Gold Sector Equity 1.45
Wells Fargo Discovery Mid Cap Growth 1.16

The investment options listed are available in the Nationwide Advisory Retirement Income Annuity. Additional fees may be applicable to certain investment options. See the prospectus for more detailed information.

The Standardized Average Total Returns represent past performance based on a hypothetical investment of $1,000. Performance figures shown do not reflect the cost of optional riders. If the cost were included, performance figures would be lower. The returns reflect the deduction of all other applicable charges. These returns are measured from the date the underlying investment options were included in the Nationwide separate account.

The Performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. Investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate and the portfolios' shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

Fees and Expenses charged by the investment choices cover the cost of the underlying investment as well as the fund manager’s services, and they are reflected in the performance figures. The expense ratios listed reflect the charges after contractual waivers that have been committed to through at least the next April. For expense ratios Gross of any reimbursement, please see the underlying fund prospectus, which can be found on the documents tab.

The Non Standardized Average Total Returns represent past performance based on a hypothetical investment of $1,000. Performance figures shown do not reflect the cost of optional riders. If the cost were included, performance figures would be lower. The returns reflect the deduction of all other applicable charges. These returns are measured from the inception date of the underlying investment option and may predate the offering of the fund in the Nationwide separate account. Where this occurs the performance is hypothetical in that it depicts how the underlying investment options would have performed had it been available in the Nationwide separate account during the time period.

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