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Non-Qualified Stretch Calculator

One of the powerful onboard features available to Monument Advisor account holders is the ability to transfer wealth without the tax headaches of a large, single payment. Called the 'Non-Qualified Stretch' provision, this feature allows beneficiaries the flexibility to withdraw money from a Monument Advisor account, while continuing to benefit from the compounding power of low-cost tax deferral.

The calculator can illustrate how valuable the Non-Qualified Stretch provision may be to Monument Advisor owners and their heirs. Based on beneficiary ages, the tool calculates Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and factors the impact of those RMDs, other distributions, contributions, and underlying investment costs on the investment at prescribed rates of return, for up to three assigned beneficiaries. It can help investors determine, based on the needs of the beneficiaries, whether or not they may benefit from 'stretching' their Monument Advisor variable annuity investment to their heirs, instead of gifting it to them in one taxable, lump sum.