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Tax Deferral Calculator

Using the same planning horizon, starting balance, ages, and other pertinent data, this calculator generates a hypothetical illustration to help analyze identical investments in a taxable account and a low-cost, tax-deferred (Investment Only Variable Annuity) account. See if your investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax rate, investable assets and time horizon make you a good candidate for the Investment Only Variable Annuity (IOVA).

Enter contribution and distribution assumptions, time horizon, tax rates and portfolio type to see how these factors impact accumulation at distribution age, the after-tax income generated while keeping pace with inflation during retirement years, and rate of return comparing after-tax cash flows. 250 simulations are ran in the comparison to model a variety of outcomes using historical market data.

1. Demographic information


At least 21, but no more than 94.

At least one year after your current age, up to 95 years.

At least one year after your age of retirement, up to 100 years.

Choose the state in which the annuity application would be filed.

2. Investment and income

Must be at least $15,000. Investments of more than $10,000,000 require approval.

Time Frame (age)

Enter '0' if you do NOT plan to take distributions in retirement.

Annual Fee


Enter Annual Fee from $0 to $4,000.

Enter Annual Fee from 0.000% to 4.000%.

3. Select your tax rate and adjust for inflation


Federal Tax Rate

Enter tax rate from 0% to 99%

During Distribution

Federal Tax Rate

Enter tax rate from 0% to 99%

Inflation Rate

The U.S. inflation rate was an average of 3% per year for the last 25 years.

How much of your gains are a result of short term trading (not offset by losses)?

How much additional return (compared to a buy and hold approach) do you generate as a result of active trading?
0 bps
50 bps
100 bps
150 bps
200 bps

4. Choose a portfolio type

Moderately Conservative